Getting the most out of your Labour

MAXI CONTROL‘s focus on recording labour activities and measuring productivity has resulted in an innovative range of cost-saving labour solutions, all based on data collection whilst activities are being performed. Developed in-house by MAXI CONTROL, the product range includes data recorders, portable and fixed, and software systems for time and attendance, piece work, job costing and performance tracking.
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  • Labour Productivity
  • Payroll Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Environmental Control

Innovative Hardworking Technology

About MaxiControl

Maxi Control is a technology company focused on designing and manufacturing innovative solutions, many of them uniquely suitable for agriculture, designed to offer benefits of reduced costs and increased performance.

The areas we target include

  • access control and time & attendance
  • advanced labour management – tracking workers and activities in the field, measuring and calculating piecework, managing productivity and allocating labour cost
  • job/batch progress tracking and costing
  • wages and salaries, leave accrual
  • fuel management
  • asset tracking
  • environmental control and logging.

Our Management Solutions comprise a unique range of products which integrate electronic data collection methods with PC-based management software.

Our Environmental Control systems also collect data (from sensors) which the controllers use to actively maintain optimal conditions in an enclosed, controlled atmosphere. Logged data provides a history of the conditions throughout a process (e.g. drying, growing or storing).

Latest Product News

maxibio 4 trans 120x150


Eliminate buddy clocking and ‘ghost workers’ with our new MAXIPORTABLE BIO.

This leading edge data collector with embedded fingerprint scanning has all the same proven flexibility, robustness and long-lasting battery life of our renowned ‘proximity card’ (RFID) MAXIPORTABLE which has been collecting data in the field  for the past decade.

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MAXIFUEL eliminates fuel losses by locking the pump or gravity feed, by recording all issues electronically, by reconciling and highlighting tank stock anomolies and by analysing vehicle and driver consumption rates.

Allocating issues to divisions, managers, blocks, activities, etc. at issue time provides detailed usage and cost breakdowns.

MAXIFUEL works with diesel or petrol, monitors one or more fuel tanks at a time, above or below ground, electric or gravity feed, and attaches to fixed tanks and mobile diesel cars.

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When picking fruit, berries and vegetables, there are compelling advantages to paying per Kg instead of per bag or container.

In order to measure output by weight, we connect our MAXIPORTABLE reader to a MAXISCALE in the field, where each bag, crate or punnet is weighed before tipping or removal to the packhouse.

Fantastic results have been achieved with marked increases in productivity, and both workers and employers being better off, creating real ‘win-win’ outcomes.

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Management Solutions

Our Clients

Many of our clients are in the agricultural sector so our products are being used throughout SA, often in areas far from a main centre.

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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us during office hours by phone if you would like to know more about our products and services. Our consultants are always available and happy to assist and can provide quotes once the specs of your project are determined.

Or if you would prefer then send us a query email to the address alongside.