innovative hardworking South African technology – based in Cape Town, South Africa, established 1999


is a solutions provider with a unique range of products which integrate electronic data collection with PC-based management software. We develop innovative equipment and flexible software, backed up by quality support and service.

The products fall into two main categories

  • ‘tracking’ systems which support management, increase productivity and reduce admin, with the ultimate goal of reducing costs
  • controllers which collect data via sensors and activate devices to create consistent, controlled environments for growing, storage and processing.

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Find out how our clients are benefiting from our products

Maxi’s human resources are evenly split between development and servicing.


The designers and developers at MAXI CONTROL have years of experience in electronics and software, with skills covering every aspect of design – from basic PCB design and low level firmware programming, to sophisticated application software, within the electronic devices as well as on the PC.

Virtually all of the products we sell are our own. Having our own developers means that we can respond to new ideas and requirements from the market and has enabled us to innovate and enhance our products beyond other existing technologies.

Our product designs are market driven; we take pride in the fact that our users seldom change from their preferred methods and logistics to fit in with our systems. And we always have a new product or two in the pipeline!


Because our applications are all critical in nature, we understand the importance of support and training to our clients.

Having our own developers means that we can react quickly to problems. Because many of our clients are agricultural, we have systems scattered throughout South Africa as well as outside its borders. Therefore we have had to develop methods of providing immediate, qualified, professional support to users in far flung places.