MAXI 6 environmental controller

low cost programmable controller

Suitable for many different control and monitoring applications.

This low cost controller handles simple regimes by monitoring a limited number of sensors, often just temperature and humidity, and activating a small number of relays and/or alarms.

The MAXI 6 software is written to customer specifications and pre-loaded into the controller.

Logging of inputs is possible and CSV format log data can be uploaded to a PC via serial cable (RS232/RS485) but this ‘entry level’ controller has no logging management software.


  • Up to 3 sensor inputs and up to 6 relay outputs
  • Up to 4 digital inputs and 1 variable output

Input cards:

Choice of

  • Temperature card has one PT100 input
  • Humidity card has one humidity input
  • ‘Current’ card has one 4 to 20 ma input

Output cards:

Choice of

  • DAC card with four 0 to 10 v dc outputs
  • Current driver card with four 4 to 20 ma outputs

If you need

  • live monitoring and logging,
  • configurable regimes,
  • remote live monitoring of the controller,
  • export logged data to CSV

you need to read about our MAXI 64 modular, programmable controller

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Applications include:

  • Simple drying regimes – fruit, biltong, etc.
  • Curtain control in a broiler house
  • Proving oven control
  • Boiler control
  • Fogger control
  • Growing tunnel

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