MAXI 64 programmable controller

modular programmable controller

Suitable for many different control and monitoring applications, this sophisticated controller can handle complex programs and regimes e.g.

  • macadamia curing with individual bin control and automatic bin cut-out  when the nuts in the bin reach their EMC (equilibrium moisture content)
  • timber drying with multiple, selectable regimes in one controller for different woods.
  • complex green house or poultry house control.

Alarm activations when special conditions are detected can include SMS messaging.

MAXI 64 accomodates up to 8 input and/or output cards, providing a maximum of 32 inputs or 64 outputs, or some combination in between.
A variety of cards caters for analog and digital inputs/outputs.


MAXI 64 is

  • configurable, allowing it to be tailored to different applications and regimes without low-level programming skills,
  • modular, enabling users to start small and grow by adding input/output cards.

Live monitoring and logging

MAXI 64 SOFTWARE provides remote live monitoring of the controller and viewing or charting of logged data. Logged data can be uploaded to the PC via serial cable (RS232/RS485), via RS232 to Bluetooth, WIFI or GPRS modem.

It is also used to configure (program) the controller’s functions/regimes on the PC and download these settings to the controller.

Applications include

  • Drying and curing: wood, macadamia nuts, fruit, biltong, maize, tobacco, potatoes, onions
  • Cooling
  • Degreening/ripening of fruit
  • Greenhouse and growing tunnel environments
  • Poultry house control
  • Incubation and setting
  • Mushroom farming
  • Machine monitoriing and control

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