temperature and humidity sensors

Our controllers can connect to any type of sensor (weather stations, pressure, light, gases) but the most common requirements are for measuring temperature and humidity.

Our basic range of sensors for measuring these two conditions are used in most of our controlled environments.

PT100 temperature sensor

Reliable temperature sensor suitable for applications such as refrigeration and drying. It is housed in stainless steel, which protects it from harsh environments.

Relative humidity/temperature combo sensor

Robust electronic temperature and humidity sensor suitable for harsh environments with the electronics sealed in a protective resin. Not recommended when the relative humidity is above 85% unless there is an air flow. Suitable for many cooling and drying installations.

Wet bulb/dry bulb humidity sensor

A reliable sensor suitable for applications where relative humidity is up to 100%. It consists of 2 PT100 sensors, housed in a steel box with an extraction fan that causes an air flow over the sensors. A water bottle supplies water to the sock on the wet bulb. The sensor detects the wet and dry bulb temperatures and the relative humidity is electronically calculated from the temperature variance between the two bulbs.

Cost effective MAXI 6 controller with 3 inputs and 6 outputs
MAXI 64 modular, programmable controller offers up to 32 inputs and 64 outputs