Labour Productivity Systems

labour time, costing and performance management

MAXI CONTROL’s focus on recording labour activities and measuring productivity has resulted in an innovative range of cost-saving┬álabour solutions, all based on data collection whilst activities are being performed.

Developed in-house by MAXI CONTROL, the product range includes data recorders, portable or fixed location, and software systems for time and attendance, piece work, job costing and performance tracking.

Data is captured in the field by keypad, proximity card, fingerprint reader, bar code scanner or electronic scale. The data recorders are simple to use and operating mode can be switched between applications or functions (e.g. between time recording and piecework) with one keystroke.

In addition to basic time recording for wage calculations and attendance management, capturing additional data (like how long a worker has worked on a task and how many units he has produced) makes it possible to measure performance, analyse norms, set targets and evaluate individual efficiency. This leads to significant improvements in productivity and reduced labour costs. If it is necessary to deal with individual cases of on-going poor performance, Maxitrack provides all the evidence required for proper legal procedures acceptable to the CCMA.

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Immediate Benefits
Affordable and effective, MAXI CONTROL’s systems work in a wide range of environments where labour is a major component. Investment in these systems can be justified by immediate wage reductions achieved by

  • moving from a daily wage to hourly wages and┬ápaying only for actual time worked
  • moving from hourly wages to piecework
  • reduced workforce requirements due to improved performances
  • avoiding CCMA fines for procedural errors when dealing with disciplinary and performance issues
  • proper management of absences and paid leave
  • proper management of overtime and night shifts
  • reduced theft/shrinkage due to tighter access control
  • improved accuracy in wage calculations
  • reduced administration
  • immediacy of management information.

There are also ‘hidden’ benefits from these systems e.g happier, more motivated workers and managers, as well as less deadline stress for admin staff.