MAXITRACK shop floor tracking and job costing

detailed job costing

MAXITRACK is similar to MAXITIME in the way it calculates hours worked, overtime, etc. based on scheduled shifts and work rules.

However, in addition to time worked, it also tracks what the employees are actually doing and allocates the time to the jobs, activities, and sub tasks, etc. that are worked on during the day.

In a batch engineering or jobbing environment where there are a lot of jobs at one time, it is often convenient and more accurate to use a bar code scanner attached to the MAXIPORTABLE to scan job cards rather than entering the numbers via the keypad.

It is also possible to allocate materials or components or parts to the job (also usually using a bar code scanner) and thereby keep track of ALL direct costs and profitability, as well as tracking job progress.

Primary functions

  • To manage time and attendance and calculate the hours for wages.
  • To record all tasks performed by individuals i.e. start and end time, task details e.g. job number, activity, location, quantity produced or rejected, etc.
  • To allocate all time worked, including overtime, Sunday time, public holidays, etc. to the tasks that were worked on during the day
  • To provide detailed costing reports – by job number, activity, employee, section, etc.
  • To track the progress of each job.
  • To compare actual job costs against estimates or budgets.


  • Monitoring of actual versus projected costs
  • Accurate measurement of job profitability
  • Employee productivity comparisons
  • Cost histories by employee or job, activity, division, etc.
  • Time and attendance management.
  • Wages and salaries.

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MAXITRACK job costing integrates with MAXIPAY