MAXITRACK time and attendance

time and attendance management system

MAXITIME analyses the clockings collected by the MAXI CONTROL readers – portable or fixed location, proximity technology or biometric (fingerprint) – and using scheduled shift rules, calculates hours worked, overtime, etc. and monitors attendance and absences.

MAXITIME combines with access control barriers like turnstiles to provide extra security and control.

Primary functions

  • To manage work schedules and shift rosters
  • To record all movements in and out during a worked day.
  • To determine which work rules to apply each day.
  • To apply the shift rules to determine time worked, scheduled and unscheduled breaks, lost time, etc.
  • To allocate time worked to pay categories i.e. normal time, overtime, etc.
  • To balance out normal and overtime, if necessary.
  • To send summarized pay hours to the payroll.
  • To send paid leave to the payroll.
  • To report on employee attendance, highlighting late arrivals, absences, trends, etc.
  • To keep detailed histories of attendance and pay types.
  • To keep absence register – type, reason, paid or unpaid, day of week, etc.


  • Accurate time keeping and wage calculations.
  • Reduction in payroll processing time.
  • Lower absenteeism and tardiness rates.
  • Restriction of toilet, smoke and unauthorised breaks.
  • Improved management of overtime.
  • Improved management of paid and unpaid leave.
  • Detailed ‘evidence’ vital for successful, legal disciplinary procedures.

In other words,

  • Lower wage bills.
  • Improved labour productivity.
  • Reduced administrative costs.
  • Immediate payback.

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MAXITIME integrates with MAXIPAY