MAXIPORTABLE data collector

portable, programmable data recorder

MAXIPORTABLE is designed to be flexible and customised to suit many different environments and different purposes i.e. it functions as a time clock, job costing and piecework recorder, or product/batch tracking recorder.

MAXIPORTABLE can be completely portable or attached to the wall in a specially designed docker or wall bracket or both.


  • battery operated, at least 15hrs CONTINUOUS operation.
  • VERY robust
  • waterproofed and dust proofed
  • compact and lightweight
  • practical
  • programmable functions
  • choice of language and terminology
  • simple to operate, colour coded keypad
  • buzzer and light indicators to indicate success/failure
  • expandable memory, up to 4MB, stores thousands of transactions
  • non-volatile memory never loses transactions
  • able to connect to other devices e.g. scales, barcode scanners, printers
  • MAXIFLASH data shuttle or serial download options
  • MAXIMOBILE, the GPRS option for very remote locations

Recording mode is easily switched in the field e.g. from time recording to job tracking to piecework mode i.e. from ‘IN/OUT’ to ‘JOB START/JOB END’ to ‘COUNTING BAGS’ to ‘ENTERING CRATES’.

Colour coded buttons simplify training and operation e.g. the green button could be used for STARTING JOBS and the red button for ENDING JOBS.

Records include multiple levels of costing – location, activity, etc. – plus date and time and quantities – unit counts, piecework quantities or weights.

Data is captured in a number of ways – by scanning a proximity card or tag, via the keypad, selecting from a table or description list, by scanning a bar code, reading from a scale, etc.

MAXIPORTABLE also offers special functions to assist supervisors, e.g.

  • register a default location and activity for a group
  • close all current jobs
  • transfer all active workers to a new location/task

as well as in-field enquiries, such as

  • how many active workers in this reader at this time?
  • who are the active workers in the reader at this time?
  • how much fruit has been weighed on this reader today?
  • how much has Worker 1 weighed today?
  • how many bags/lugs has Worker 2 picked today?


Data is sent to and collected from MAXIPORTABLE in a number of ways. Obviously we offer the traditional method of using a serial cable (RS232 or RS485) to the PC. However, due to the logistics on a farm or remote workplace, the only convenient time to collect data directly from the reader is generally after hours, and then there is a scramble in the morning to get the readers back to the field.

Our solution to this problem is unique – we have designed a flash memory device which enables data to be shuttled to and from the PC at ANY suitable time of day without interrupting the reader’s use in the field. This is essential where bag counting or weighing is continuous.


Where the work site is so remote that even bringing MAXIFLASH back is impractical, data can be sent via our new GPRS module which plugs directly into the PORTACLOCK, or by bringing the MAXIFLASH to the modem module for transmission to the remote PC.


  • Time recording
  • Job costing
  • Piecework recording
  • Store issues
  • Asset control
  • Collecting GlobalGap data
  • Tool or clothing issues
  • Fuel issues
  • Chemicals issues


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