MAXIFUEL fuel management system

electronic fuel management system

MAXIFUEL helps to eliminate theft by

  • locking the fuel pump or gravity feed between issues
  • automating the ‘issue book’
  • recording fuel with 99% accuracy using electronics
  • reconciling fuel tank stocks against logged deliveries and issues
  • monitoring fuel consumption rate abnormalities (per vehicle/driver)
  • analysing usage across tanks, divisions, managers, cost centres, activities, etc.


MAXIFUEL works with diesel/petrol, single/double dispensers, multiple tanks, above/below ground, with electric pumps, electronic/mechanical dispensers and gravity feed.
MAXIFUEL is fixed alongside the dispenser or onto a mobile bowser.

MAXIFUEL can also employ fingerprint, Dallas button, smart card and/or barcode scanners to identify vehicles and personnel.

Data can be transferred via memory stick, WiFi or GPRS.

Preventing unauthorised issues and measuring electronically (flow meter, pulser or electronic pump controller) keeps the MAXIFUEL ‘issue book’ accurate.

Odometer readings recorded with each issue or obtained from GPS tracking devices are used to highlight abnormal consumption rates (by vehicle or driver).

Allocation codes entered at the pump enable usage analysis by cost centre, division, manager, location/block, activity, etc. and compares to budget.

Fuel price tables track fluctuating costs and valuations.

How it works

  • MAXIFUEL electronically locks and unlocks the pump.
  • Prox ID tags (attendant, driver, vehicle or manager override) initiate the process.
  • MAXIFUEL requests additional data for the issue e.g. cost centre, route, block, task, odometer reading, purchase order number, comment, registration, name, etc.
  • Once authorised, flow is activated and the litres are measured electronically.
  • When flow ceases, measured litres are logged along with the analysis info captured.
  • MAXIFUEL re-secures the pump.

Business Rules

  • limit a driver or vehicle to specified nozzles or fuel type.
  • limit the amount of fuel issued to a particular vehicle issue.
  • limit the amount of fuel issued to a particular vehicle per day.


  • Issues Report.
  • Tank Reconciliation.
  • SARS rebate Report (correct format).
  • Consumption Analysis.
  • Servicing Report.
  • Licencing Reminders.
  • Budget Comparisons.
  • Data Exports.
  • Spreadsheets and pivot tables.

Custom Report Writing

There is an easy-to-use report writer for instant access to management information in customised formats, detailed or summarised, printed, exported or graphed for any period.