Tracking other things

product and process tracking system

Whilst the most common application of MAXITRACK is in tracking labour by recording all activities performed by each individual it will also track other events, products and processes e.g.

  • cartons packed by each packer in a packhouse (often used for piecework pay)
  • bins, crates or lugs delivered to the pack house (sometimes also used in piecework calculations)
  • banana bunches from a particular block weighed at intake into the packhouse
  • delivery vehicles logged out and in
  • chemicals from store to field
  • issues of clothing, tools, etc. to workers
  • receipt of pay packets

At each point, date and time is logged and relevant information recorded e.g. the stage of the process, the cultivar/variety, the size of the carton, the identity of the packer or quality checker, the identity of the buyer etc.

The MAXITRACK database and reportwriter enables management reporting on up to 17 analysis codes with up to 5 levels of sorting and totalling.

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