MAXIPAY Payroll and Leave management

wages and salaries software

MAXIPAY is a comprehensive and accurate payroll system, simple to use, which automates all payroll functions, meets all South African regulations and complies with all SARS requirements.

MAXIPAY is especially suitable for farming wages although it can also process salaries requirements like fringe benefits, car allowances, etc.

MAXIPAY is flexible and suitable for all payroll periods, environments and industries.

All types of earnings, deductions, company contributions and fringe benefits, staff accounts, garnishees, loans and savings can be managed.

Different types of leave accrued and adjusted for leave taken – this is particularly effective when you are using MAXITRACK time and attendance software to detect and manage your workforce absenteeism.

MAXIPAY automates all tasks connected with paying workers and outputs all statutory reports, EFTs and SARS outputs in the correct formats.

In a farming environment, it is common to show a complete day by day breakdown on each payslip of paid hours, piecework (quantities, rates and money amounts)¬†and other incentives. These can be further broken down by category, rate, cultivar, task, whatever….

Stand-alone or integrated

Seamless integration with MAXITRACK (employee records in one combined database) cuts out duplication and eliminates time cards and capturing of hours.

Reduce your EFT charges

Even if you are not currently using MaxiPay to process your wages or salaries, we can still help you save money on your electronic fund transfers (EFTs).

To reduce your cost every time you pay an employee or creditor, ring us on 021 7627576, use our Contact Form or request a quotation.

Payroll Functions

  • Hours/leave imported from T&A systems to reduce effort and errors.
  • Accurate tax, UIF and SDL calculations.
  • Calculation of normal time, overtime and leave pay.
  • Calculation of deductions, company contributions, fringe benefits.
  • Leave accruals and leave histories.
  • Detailed payslips and pay register.
  • Management of loans, staff accounts, savings and garnishees.
  • Cash (and coinage), cheque payments or electronic bank transfers.
  • Detailed employee records including all information required by SARS.
  • Bi-annual electronic submissions to SARS.
  • SARS registrations.


  • All print outs can be previewed on screen.
  • Payslips.
  • Pay Details List
  • Coinage analysis.
  • Monthly returns e.g. EMP201 return for PAYE, UIF and SDL, etc.
  • Digital U19 return.
  • Tax year end reports and IRP5s
  • Tax and registration certificates in e@syFile format for SARS eFiling.
  • Flexible report writer for additional management reports.
  • Spreadsheets and pivot tables.
  • Export to GL and costing systems.


  • Pay weekly, fortnightly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Multiple payrolls/companies.
  • Unlimited number of employees.
  • Unlimited pay codes (earnings, deductions, etc).
  • Statutory calculations and tax tables built in.
  • Additional customised calculations.
  • Flexible report writer for unlimited reporting.

All labour tracking options integrate with MAXPAY:

MAXITIME time and attendance software
MAXITRACK job tracking
MAXITRACK labour tracking
MAXITRACK piecework management